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While On Vacation A Couple Heard A Kitten In Distress. The Journey They Took Her On Is INCREDIBLE [VIDEO]

May 11, 2017

On this day, a couple was enjoying a vacation in Peru. This couple's life's work was rescuing kittens. As the couple was getting ready to board a train which would take them to the airport, they heard a familiar sound. It was the unmistakable cry of a kitten. 

The couple took off running towards the sound and soon found a small kitten being passed around by a group of children. After taking the kitten safely away from the children the couple began to look closer and noticed the kitten was covered in fleas and was malnourished. 

The couple could not locate the mother of the kitten so they took it upon themselves to save her. But, with only 40 minutes until their train departed, the couple had limited options. 

After deciding to miss their train, the couple began to work on a plan to get the kitten back to America with them. The couple spent the better part of the night trying to figure out the proper steps to bring the kitten home, but no one could have expected them to do what they did next. 



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