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While Owner is Getting Ready, Benji the Bengal Cat Has Plans of His Own and They’re More Hilarious Than Ever

February 24, 2017

Cats literally have the most interesting personalities of any animal. They're so complex and their behavior is mesmerizing.

They're much smarter than we even give them credit for, and that's why they always amaze us with their intelligent antics.

They seem to find pure joy in doing everything they're not supposed to do, being little deviants "just because they can".

Sometimes their rebellious behavior can be nerve-wracking, but most of the time, we end up smitten by their adorable faces.

They surely do have us wrapped around their finger, I mean, paw, don't they?

This video couldn't sum up the behavior of a cat better. While his owner is getting ready in the bathroom, Benji the Bengal has plans of his own.

Instead of minding his own business, he decides to spice the situation up a bit by knocking around an item on the sink. As the owner replaces the item back in its rightful spot, Benji now thinks it has become a game and continues to knock about the item.

Watch the video below to see it all go down. At first, you might feel a bit irritated at his deviance but the longer you watch, you can't help but laugh at how cute it really is!

Cats are the best, right?!

Do you have a cat that acts like this?

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