While Owners Are Away, Great Dane Hank Has Been A Bad Doggie. He Gets Caught In The Act And His Response Is Hilarious


Hank, the Great Dane, is believed to be up to no good when his owners are away. There has been some food-theft happening while Hank is home alone. In order to get some solid evidence, his owners set up cameras to catch the culprit in action.

As a rule, Hank is never allowed to go beyond the couch in the living room, to enter the kitchen. This is a fact he apparently knows very well, as you will soon see.  When the parents are away, however, the kids come out to play, (*wink).


Claire, Hank's human sister, often leaves food in her high chair. Time and again, it comes up missing, with Hank as the prime suspect. So, her parents decide to leave out some of her left-overs and leave an iPhone on to see if they can catch Hank crossing the line, literally...the couch line.

At first, Hank tries to avoid temptation by going downstairs but quickly emerges, because clearly, his will to resist is not strong enough. The family’s suspicions are confirmed when they view this short, two-minute video.


Hank doesn't even wait long enough for them to get out the driveway before he makes his move over to Claire's scraps. When his owner walks in a short time later and questions the pooch, his guilt is written all over his face.

With the evidence pointing right at him, Hank tries to escape to the basement for some fresh air, hoping his owner will forget his crime. Fingers crossed, right? But no, his owner follows right behind him, to hand out his punishment. Hank is sentenced to an afternoon in the backyard. Well, at least his tummy is full! We wish him better luck next time!

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While Owners Are Away, Great Dane Hank Has Been A Bad Doggie. He Gets Caught In The Act And His Response Is Hilarious
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