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While Performing, Department Store Pianist Notices A Woman Passing By. As Soon As Their Eyes Meet, He Immediately Rushes To Her Side

January 25, 2018

Music is something understood by people of all ages. Depending on the pitch and flow of the melody, it can have the power to create a myriad of emotions in mere seconds. It can brighten a mood, ease tension, or create a dramatic feeling. For those who perform or compose music of any kind, it can speak to them on an even deeper level. It’s almost as if they can feel the notes pulsing through their veins.

A woman named Natalie Trayling knows this quite well. She made a career as a street performer. Her instrument of choice was a piano. She understood music so well that songs would come to her as she played. Her mind would piece together a masterpiece and her hands would follow suit.

One day she was passing through a department store. She had caught wind of news that there was a piano inside for the holiday season. As she made her way down the store aisle following the music, she couldn’t help but offer a smile. When she rounded the corner, there she saw a gorgeous grand piano. The music brought her heart unexplainable joy! Mid-song, the pianist playing the song happened to see her. He immediately recognized her and was instantly full of excitement. He recognized the legendary street pianist and knew just what he had to do.

He stopped playing, walked over, and ushered her to take his place on the piano bench. All eyes were on her as she placed her hands on the keys. She began performing some of the most ear-pleasing music, making all the busy shoppers stop in awe. The most incredible part of it all was that she was composing these songs on the spot! She played exactly what came to mind and the result was more beautiful than anyone could imagine. Check out the video, below, to hear her beautiful melodies.

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