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While Walking The Beach, Couple Finds A Message In A Bottle Sent Over 30 Years Ago

January 31, 2018

As a child, I was always fascinated by the thought of someone finding a message in a bottle. More often than not, bottles sent out to sea never reach a particular destination. While combing the beaches of Key Largo, Florida, after Hurricane Irma, a couple named Lee and Ruth Huenniger proved that it is possible to discover such a treasure.

While walking through the hurricane damage, they stumbled upon an old bottle. “We’ve always picked up bottles. We beachcombed when we were little and so forth but you always would hear and read about finding a note in a bottle. Well, we would always check. This time, there was a note in a bottle,” Lee said in an interview.

After reading the note, they were glad they had found it. It had traveled all the way from an elementary school in Scotland. The note read:

"We are learning all about pirates. We would like to see how far this message goes. Please write and tell us where you found the bottle. We are Class 213 Chapel Park School Academy Street Forfar Angus, Scotland.”

The couple sent a letter back to the address provided. In the letter, they asked how long ago the bottle had been sent. Little did they know what response would be in store.

They received a letter in response from the teacher of the class. She was retired and said that her class had sent out several bottles but never imagined they would get a response. The class sent the bottle 30 years ago!

“The bottle was very flexible but it was very frosted. There was no sea life on it, no barnacles, or any moss or greenery. When we cut it open, we thought it was only a couple years old” Lee stated.

“It feels very exciting to know somebody in Scotland or several people in Scotland!” Ruth said. While this bottle’s journey is now complete, it left an impact that will last a lifetime and started friendships across the globe.

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