Who Says Tricks Are For Dogs? People Are Amazed When They See How Easy It Can Be To Train Your Kitty

September 19, 2017

When it comes to pets performing tricks, most people think of dogs as being at the top of that game. Cats? Not so much! Why? Mainly, because cats appear lazy and prefer to do their own thing. Another reason is cats do not have a pack mentality like their canine counterparts. Even more likely, I'm pretty confident that cats think they are the master over us and it could not, ever, be the other way around. 

Julie Posluns believes that the notion that cats are untrainable is a misconception. Her cat, Jones, proved to her that felines could, in fact, be trained. This realization gave birth to the idea of Cat School clicker training. Clicker training is not only fun, but also greatly enriches the lives of the cats that are trained in it.

Julie has several different training tutorials that you can sign up for, via her website or Facebook page. In this video, Julie demonstrates how to teach your cat how to jump through a hoop.

All you need to complete this task is:

1. Your cat

2. Your arms        

3. A wall

4. A kitty treat

Are you ready? Watch the video, below, and then try it out on your precious feline companion! Check out Julie's other courses too, such as teaching your kitty to fist bump and to walk on a leash!

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