Wife Never Thought She Would Get A Puppy. Then Husband Does THIS And Catches PRICELESS Reaction! [VIDEO]

March 23, 2017

Bryce and his wife Nellie have had many adventures all over the world together. 

From hiking, to surfing, to traveling up the coast together, these two love to live life to the fullest. 

But, one adventure they could not have, while living in their home in Utah, was the joy of having a puppy, which Nellie desperately wanted. 

It seemed like that adventure would never happen, until one day Bryce had a brilliant idea! 

After getting permission from the landlord, Bryce started planning an amazing surprise for his wife! 

The day of the surprise arrived and Bryce called Nellie home from work unexpectedly. 

Nellie was understandably confused and a little annoyed at being called home; until she walked in and found her living room FILLED with PUPPIES! 

Needless to say Nellie was in HEAVEN! 

Talk about the BEST DAY EVER! 


Bryce and Nellie make sure to inform anyone watching that all of the puppies are adoptable so that the puppies can go to good homes! 

Let this fun couple and adorable puppies brighten your day!