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Wild Seagull Is Enjoying A Meal, Then The UNTHINKABLE Happened. When Rescuers Find Him, They Can't Believe Their Eyes!

March 13, 2017

Sometimes we can all get lost in the things we are enjoying, for some it could be a good show or even a good book. For animals, all it might take is a good meal to forget everything else! 

In the UK a seagull was helping himself to a little snack from an outdoor bin at a meat company when he got a little carried away. 

The hungry seagull somehow managed to fall right into a vat of curry and the result of that...

Photo Via: The Guardian

He turned completely orange! Rescuers said they haven't seen anything like it before! 

Thankfully, this little guy was able to get all cleaned up with some help of rescuers, and a lot of soap! 

Photo Via: The Guardian

While the color was able to be washed out from his feathers, the smell wasn't as easy to get rid of, it lingered for quite awhile. 

We are glad there is a happy ending to this one-of-a-kind story!

Watch the video below to see this adorable orange seagull in action! 

Have you ever seen a seagull get itself into a sticky situation like this?

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