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Will Meghan Markle Honor Princess Diana At Her Wedding? Shocking Possibility Leads To Quite The Debate

March 20, 2018

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding date is approaching rapidly, less than two months away now, and more details are being released every day! From details about the cake to rumors about the dress, it seems that every day we are partial to new information. One thing that we likely won’t know until the wedding though, is whether Meghan will honor Princess Diana in one perfect way.

Meghan Markle will have the opportunity to wear a tiara during her wedding ceremony, and there has been some debate on what tiara she will choose to wear. One of the most rumored options available is the Spencer Tiara, which belongs to Princess Diana’s family. The Spencer Tiara was worn by Princess Diana at her wedding, as did her two sisters. Although the Spencer Tiara doesn’t belong to the royal family, there’s no doubt that Diana’s family would happily lend it to her for the wedding.

People have since been debating on whether or not Meghan should wear the Spencer Tiara at all! People who are not fans of Meghan Markle believe that Meghan Markle should not be allowed to be wear the crown, as they believe it would be a disgrace to Diana’s memory. Supporters of Meghan believe that she should wear the crown to honor her, and that it would a wonderful way to fill the slot of “something borrowed” what do you think she should do?