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William and Harry To Finally Part Ways, And Spoiler Alert- The Split Has Everything To Do With Meghan Markle; Now, Fans Are In Utter Hysteria

November 07, 2018

For as long as they’ve been alive, it’s been "William and Harry," a constant pair in the British Monarchy. The royal sibling duo has been an iconic and unstoppable pair since they were born. Together, they have experienced life-changing victories and tragedies.

Like any brothers, William and Harry have been each other’s best friends. For their entire lives, they’ve been loyal to one another. But there is something quite different about William and Harry that other brother pairs could never understand: William and Harry are royalty.

And not just like- a little bit. No. William and Harry are members of the most famous and longest reigning monarch in the world. Their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, is approaching her 66th year as the reigning monarch; their father, Prince Charles, will take the crown following his mother’s reign. And then, William will be king.

Growing up, William and Harry knew that they were different; their lives were constantly in the media and they lived in castles. However, it wasn’t until they had tragically lost their mother, Princess Diana that the boys truly understand the magnitude of their fame and adoration.

After Diana’s death, it didn’t take long for William and Harry to grow up; it suddenly became very clear that William and Harry were much different from each other. After coping with their mother’s loss in very different ways, the brothers inevitably grew up and mature- together but yet apart. For years, many worried about the boys, but ultimately, they grew closer together while still discovering their own identities.

Today, William is married to the lovely Kate Middleton. The couple has three gorgeous children: George, Charlotte, and Louis. Six years later, Harry married the American actress, Meghan Markle in May of 2018. Both brothers served as the best man in each other’s weddings and their wives have been known to get along quite well with each other. The brothers and their wives are lovingly known as “The Fab Four.”

While the couple’s share similar lives (ie. two common girls marrying prince brothers), they are not totally the same. The differences in the couples have been noticed more and more, especially since Harry and Meghan just announced their first pregnancy. As days go on, the couples appear to be growing into their own families more and more- and that is totally okay!

While there is no bad blood between the Fab Four, William and Harry are about to make their split official. The couple’s currently share the Twitter account: Kensington Royal. Kensington Royal is a verified platform where fans are updated on all things ‘William and Kate’ and ‘Harry and Meghan.’ But with the brother’s growing more into their own families, talk of discontinuing the shared social media platform has been more happening more and more.

On November 7th, PEOPLE finally addressed one of the biggest concerns for Royal fans: a split between William and Harry. The couples the will likely no longer be sharing social media platforms. After all, one day, William will become King while Harry and Meghan will remain working towards very different goals.

Royal author, Sally Bedell Smith, told PEOPLE that the split will be primarily due to Meghan Markle’s introduction to the family. Sally shared, “The arrival of Meghan has changed the dynamic of the relationship in a fairly significant way. It is inevitable and practical because it gives Harry and Meghan some freedom to build up their own collection of interests and charities.”

Royal fans are split when it comes to the brothers go their separate ways; some believe that the brothers should be separated, while others believe that breaking up their platform is not the way to move forward. Sally did, however, share that “each of Will and Harry will continue the very strong representative of the Queen in carrying out tasks and assignments that she, and probably their father, wants them to do. They are going to be sharing in this diffusion of activities on behalf of the Queen.”

Leave your thoughts on the brothers going their separate ways in the comment section and let us know what you think about it! Please remember to keep it clean in the comments!

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