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Duke William And Prince Harry’s Brutal And Furious Actions Towards Camilla After Their Mother’s Death Are Finally Revealed. Their Response Was Shocking

March 28, 2018

Since the beginning of one the world’s most fascinating love stories, stood a character whose role was not respected. While the story of Prince Charles and Princess Diana invited the world into a fairytale romance, Camilla Parker Bowles never quite stopped trying to take Diana’s place.

For nearly the entirety of their relationship, Diana fought hard for the exclusivity of her marriage to Charles. Camilla was always in the picture; as a close friend to Charles, she made her presence known to everyone- including his wife. Over the years, their friendship developed and eventually, they began having an affair (There are many who believe the two were always involved romantically, but nothing has been confirmed).

Camilla’s involvement with Prince Charles affected more than just Diana, it also greatly affected Prince Charles' sons: William and Harry.

Once the children learned of scandalous relationship, it was incredibly difficult for them to have a normal relationship with Camilla. While had always been in their father’s life, it sickened them to know the heartbreak that their mother felt in being betrayed.

After the boys learned of the affair, they avoided Camilla (and their father) at all costs. They leaned on their mother for support while Diana often talked about how to love earnestly and wholeheartedly.

Only a year after Charles and Diana divorced, Princess Diana died tragically, leaving her sons without a mother, a friend, and a comforter. During this time, William and Harry couldn’t help but see Camilla has a reason for their parent's split. They grew to resent her.

In the recent autobiography about Prince Charles, Rebel Prince, the boys are said to have avoided Camilla at every opportunity. They wouldn’t speak to her, they wouldn’t surround themselves with her, and they would even purposefully work on opposite ends of the house and enter homes through the servant’s doors just to avoid her. The refused to get to know her let her into to their lives. Their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, also greatly avoided any interaction with Camilla and even refused to attend her own son’s 50th birthday party since she would be in attendance.

While they were heartbroken, they finally forgave Camilla and their father. Today, their relationship is cordial but the reality of the past is haunting and imminent. Duke William and Prince Harry do their best to forgive those who have wronged them and hope for the best- a trait that they inherited from their dearly beloved mother.


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