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William and Kate Have Had Enough From The Paparazzi! And Only True Royal Fans Will Pick Up On Their Secret Tactics To Escape Media Bombardment

November 07, 2018

Unless you’ve been living under rocks on a deserted island, you know that British Royal Family fascination is at an all-time high. With engagements, weddings, and baby news, any member of the Royal Family has proven to outshine any other celebrity in the mainstream media.

So what is it that compels millions of people to follow the Royal Family?

Some say the fascination for the family really took off when Princess Diana stepped onto the scene. Her love and unique sense of identity in what was formally known as “The Firm,” allowed people to see the Royal Family in a new way; The Royal Family wasn’t just a bunch of medieval kings and queens, but rather a group of real people who were established into an age-old monarchy. Princess Diana gave the world an honest sense of personhood within the Royal Family.

The fascination for the Royals only increased when Princess Diana gave birth to her first child, Prince William. As the future king of England and sweet baby boy to the People’s Princess, Prince William immediately had a magnitude of international fans.

Royal fans watched from away with special thanks to the mainstream media who made sure to feature the Royal Family’s tragedies and triumphs in well-documented stories, tabloids, and documentaries. Today, the fascination of the Royal Family has only increased with new media platforms and the growing family.

Prince William is now all grown up and his fanbase has only grown. With his lovely wife, Kate Middleton, and their three children, George, Charlotte, and Louis, William and Kate and the Cambridge kids have become fan favorites.

And while they are wildly popular, William and Kate are far from welcoming to their constant media attention and paparazzi. In a recent story with Vanity Fair, one Royal correspondent revealed that William and Kate are “control freaks” when it comes to the paparazzi.

The insider shared, “While his father, Prince Charles, chooses to embrace the attention, William and Kate are control freaks about their coverage. He added that William and Kate are known purposely not looking at a “fixed point” when having their photos taken.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge do this very intentionally, as it makes it hard for photographers to get good snapshots of them. Only true royal fans will note that while there are several photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge online, there rarely photos of them looking directly at the camera (especially in regards to the paparazzi).

We’ve gotta say, their tactic is brilliant. William and Kate are clearly a sophisticated family that focuses on their family and their royal duties- not their fame. What do you think about their smart plan to not cave into the media’s constant attention? Let us know in the comments!

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