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Prince William Has Had Enough And Finally Puts His Foot Down - The Extreme Lengths He Goes To Has Fans In Utter Disbelief

April 09, 2019

Being the future King of England, there are some measures Prince William feels is utterly necessary to take sooner rather than later.


Over the past few years, it seems as though William has stepped up more than ever before in his role being second in line to the throne. He has always taken his job seriously, but as he’s gotten older and matured more, his seriousness only grows.


Recently, he and Kate have made some pretty big decisions concerning the wellbeing of their little family. They’ve been through an onslaught of criticism and have been the target of many unsolicited rumors as of late.


When you live a life that is so high profile, you can’t simply let things like that carry on without doing something. William has recently made the executive decision to do just that and has taken matters into his own hands.


He and Kate want to do everything in their power to ensure that their three children grow up in as normal of an environment as possible, far detached from the drama and rumors that surround them on every corner.

William has taken one big step in security measures on their property to ensure that they are all guarded and protected from the wild and unruly paparazzi. How has he gone about it this round? With hedges, of course.


The couple has instructed a 950-foot-long hedge to be added around their apartment to help seclude their home life a little more. While it will take a bit of time for the hedges to fully grow, they wanted to get this us sooner than later.


This might not seem as drastic as some would have imagined, but Will and Kate have never been known as being “drastic” in the first place. They adore their jobs and realize the kind of platform they hold.

They are doing all they can to ensure a healthy balance between publicity and private life, and I think they’re doing a mighty swell job of it!

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