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The Truth About The Riff Between Prince Harry And Prince William Finally Unveiled - The World Was Not Ready For This Admittance

June 21, 2019

There’s nothing that makes us more uneasy than seeing a riff within the seemingly flawless royal family. It’s never a fun thing to witness, and it always reminds us that though they live vastly different lives than we do, they’re still very much prone to their humanity.


It’s been said that there has been some serious tension between the Cambridges and the Sussexes for quite some time now. At first, many wanted to believe it was mere speculation and rumor, but the more time has passed, the more their mannerisms and behaviors around one another confirm these theories.


Many have said that the root of all this tension boils down to one person alone: Meghan Markle. From the moment she stepped onto the royal scene, life for the family has been drastically different. Her personality is one that is used to fighting for what she wants in spite of the rigid protocols and traditions that are expected to be upheld within her newfound family.


While she very well may have contributed some to the chaos and tension, it’s recently been revealed that this unrest in the palace actually began long before she was ever associated with this family.


According to royal sources: “Harry and William’s tension goes back before Meghan. It is also very difficult if you are second in line to a brother and you are quite competitive. Harry is very competitive as a person, but your brother is going to be king, and there is nothing you can do about that - you can’t beat that.”


The source continued: “He also didn’t have a role to play. Now he is older and more mature, he has found roles that satisfy him and give him pleasure and confidence. Harry told me that he only wanted to work with the Royal Foundation on mental health issues on that one project. He wanted to do other projects that didn’t involve that, so I think it goes back before Meghan.”


“We got used to the threesome, with Kate in the middle and William on one side and Harry on the other. But, he is in his mid-thirties and I think it is perfectly okay for him to be independent of his brother.”


“People do lose some bonds. It is a shame because he and William have been very tight and they are the only two who can understand what they have been through. They are senior royals. They have lost their mother at a very young age. It’s difficult for people outside that twosome to really understand what that is all about because it is very difficult for them to trust people.”


What do you think about this? Do you think this royal source has hit the nail on the head or do you still believe Meghan’s entry into the family is at fault?

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