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Heartbreaking Truth About Prince William And Prince Harry Finally Confirmed And Fans Are Even More Devastated Than Ever Before

May 31, 2019

As time goes on, more of the truth surfaces concerning the ongoing rift within the royal family. Unfortunately, it’s not at all what any of us were truly hoping to hear.


From the very moment they were born, Prince William and Prince Harry were inseparable. Growing up in the massive spotlight is no easy life for a person, much less a young child. Add onto this the devastating reality of having to endure losing their mother and it was almost too much for the young boys to bear.


Following her passing, they became even closer, leaning on one another more than anyone else. It seemed as though the siblings had the absolute perfect relationship. That all came to a screeching halt when Harry got engaged.


The “Fab Four” became a name that referred to William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan. It was used every time the group ventured out together and from the outside, it started out looking as though they got along better than ever. Sadly, it appears as though we were all tragically mistaken.


Since Harry and Meghan’s wedding, more details have been unearthed about the unrest between the two royal couples, causing them to divide further and further from one another. One could only wonder just what caused this great separation in the first place?


It was told that for the six months following Harry and Meghan’s wedding, the brothers didn’t see each other at all, not even privately. They would be around one another at public events, but their demeanors were strikingly different than what we’d become used to seeing.


One royal expert elaborated: “I was told after the Royal Wedding, Harry and Meghan didn’t see William and Kate personally. I think behind the scenes, Harry and William’s relationship has always been up and down actually, but of course, we’ve never really seen that.”


The source continued: “Much has been said about William and Harry falling out and the reasons as to why they may have occurred, but the truth of the matter is both men have made great strides in their relationship in recent months.”


This improvement in their relationship may have been with the help of Kate. It’s said that she urged Harry to reach out to William and “offer an olive branch” to his brother. Thankfully, he listened to his sister-in-law and the two sat down for tea and talked things over.


Now that they’re adults with families of their own, their relationship may never be the same. At the end of the day, though, they’re still family and would do anything under the sun for the other. We hope that we can see them grow together and get closer once again in the coming months!

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