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Winston Was Saved From A Puppy Mill. Now, He’s Saving His Owner Every Day

October 18, 2017

Sometimes a dog will come into your life, needing your help more than you know. Sometimes, you need their help more than they need yours. Often, they’re the same dog; the dog you think needs you the most, is the one that is destined to save you. Winston is a rescue dog who is saving his adoptive mother every day, just like she saved him.

Winston is a black-and-white Terrier/French Bulldog mix who found himself without a home. Winston and his two sisters were rescued from a Backyard Breeder - and a hoarder - who no longer cared about the siblings after he found out they are not purebred French Bulldogs as they had been told. We’re grateful that Winston and his siblings are mixes because they were spared the horrible fate of being forced to breed until they are no longer useful.

When Winston was rescued, he was a very serious dog who wasn’t quite sure what to make of his new home. He’d never had parents who cared about him and loved him. He seemed to keep waiting for the rug to be pulled out from under him, and to be left homeless and scared again.

As the weeks passed, Winston began to realize that this was his forever home, and he’d never need to worry again. As he came to trust his new family more and more, he began to come out of his shell and grow into a sweet and playful dog. Winston has truly become an extrovert since being adopted, and he now loves to give everyone a high-five when he sees them. One of his favorite things of all though is making someone smile!

Winston’s owner began to need the help of a service dog to assist her, and Winston became the obvious choice to save her. Now, the dog who so desperately needed to be rescued from his horrible start at life, spends every day saving her life. Together, the two of them will never have to live another day full of fear and uncertainty, and they will have each other’s backs until the day they die.

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