Woman Abandons ‘Stray’ At Kill Shelter, But Her Son’s Tears Tell The Real Story

February 05, 2018

I always wish I could know the whole story. You know...the part that explains why in the world anyone would abandon a sweet nine-month-old pup, at a kill shelter! In this case, we never find out what led up to the rash decision to give up a family pet, only that the owner tried to pass her off as a stray.

When this mom and her 12-year-old son bring in a young dog, the mom’s words say one thing, but her son’s tears say something completely different.

Claiming that the pup is a stray, the mom heartlessly turns her back and walks away. Her son, however, cannot leave so quickly. Obviously devastated by having to leave the sweet girl behind, he wants to know what’s going to happen to her.

Will they help her with the Mange on her face? Will the shelter call them before they kill her? With no other choice, the boy finally and sadly turns away and reluctantly leaves his friend behind.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this woman has decided to dispose of a family pet, and lies about it to cover up her inhumane act.

It’s amazing to me that people will get a dog, then when it behaves like an animal and not a “toy” they get frustrated and get rid of it. It’s a story that is played out thousands of times every year throughout the world, and something needs to be done to curtail this horrible practice.

In the first moments after being abandoned, the pup is clearly traumatized. It is the saddest thing you’ll ever see. Not quite knowing what to do, she hesitates to walk down the hall to see the vet without someone leading the way. She is intimidated and petrified at being alone, and grasps at any tiny bit of human contact she can get.

The shelter reports that the dog “is only about seven-months-old, sweet and submissive.” The dog is now a statistic and her only hope is for someone to find her and take her home.

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t go that far. The last line is, “Goodbye, angel. We will try to help you.” Of course, we always want to find out what happens from there, as our hearts are touched by these stories.

Good news! The original poster gave an update letting us know that this pup WAS rescued by a local rescue organization. So glad to know. If she hadn’t been rescued, I might have had to adopt a certain sweet little four-legged girl!!

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