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Woman Claims To Be Her Own Twin - Fact Or Fake News? You Might Be Surprised At The Answer

March 28, 2018

For Taylor Muhl, it all began when she was a young girl and noticed something quite strange about her appearance. No matter how much sun she got, her stomach skin tone was two entirely different colors, with a dividing line smack dab in the middle.

No one she knew had this phenomenon so she was, understandably, alarmed.

Her parents took her to the doctor where she was given the startling diagnosis. He revealed to Taylor and her parents something they never knew before: Taylor was a twin. They were shocked, of course, because Taylor had been a single birth. What he said next shook them to the core.

Taylor has an extremely rare condition called Chimerism and, because of that, she not only HAS a twin, but she is, in fact, her OWN twin! You read that right.

According to Wikipedia, “Most chimeras will go through life without realizing they are chimeras. The difference in phenotypes may be subtle (e.g., having a hitchhiker's thumb and a straight thumb, eyes of slightly different colors, differential hair growth on opposite sides of the body, etc.) or completely undetectable.

“Chimeras may also show, under a certain spectrum of UV light, distinctive marks on the back resembling that of arrow points pointing downwards from the shoulders down to the lower back; this is one expression of pigment unevenness called Blaschko's lines.”

Taylor has the pigment unevenness known as Blaschko's lines and her Chimerism is the result of a mutation of the twins growing inside her mother's body. In Taylor's case, she absorbed her twin, resulting in only one baby at birth.

But upon further examination, you would find that she is carrying two sets of DNA, two separate immune systems, and bloodstreams. In some cases, the remaining child can possess both male and female genetic material.

Interesting to note, Chimeras appear in other species besides humans.

Other animals have been documented to have different fur colors, different eye color, and other remnants of the other twin, all resulting from Chimerism.

The most serious danger associated with the condition is when the two distinct immune systems are not compatible. In this case, each system recognizes the other's cells as a foreign body and, as all good immune systems do, attempts to destroy it.

To learn more about this unique woman and her fascinating condition, click on the video, below.


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