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Woman Claims To Be The Secret Daughter of President John Kennedy And Marilyn Monroe

January 30, 2018

Gladys Baker Morris, a 56-year woman residing in Southern California, is claiming that she is the secret love child of former United States President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and American Icon, Marilyn Monroe.


Gladys grew up believing that she was distantly related to Monroe; she was told that her birth mother was Marilyn Monroe’s first cousin, Meredith Baker. Throughout her life, Gladys never once questioned who her biological mother was. She really believed that there was no reason to question it.

However, in 2014, Meredith Baker was sick and near death. Just moments before she took her last breath, she looked at the girl that she had called “daughter” for the last 53 years. She confessed, “Your real mother is Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn was afraid that the Kennedy brothers would have her and you killed if they found out about the pregnancy.” Marilyn had given birth to Gladys in secret and had immediately given her to her cousin, Meredith. Meredith went on to raise Gladys as her own daughter to protect her cousin.

Just minutes after Meredith shared the secret, she passed away. Leaving Gladys to discover her history on her own.

Gladys was beside herself after learning the news; she felt as though so many things made sense…Her looks, her age, the precautions that Meredith took while Marilyn was still alive. She immediately began researching her medical records and family and learned that she was, in fact, adopted.

18 months after learning the shocking news, Gladys recovered her most coveted document: her birth certificate. She also obtained her adoption records. Both notarized documents stated what Gladys had been searching for: she was, in fact, the daughter of Marilyn Monroe.

While several stories have surfaced of women claiming to be the daughter of the iconic entertainer, none have had legal documentation that proves their reasoning. Gladys not only has the legal documents, but she also matches the right age;  Dr. Lion Krohn, Marilyn’s gynecologist, documented that Marilyn became pregnant in 1961 and gave birth to a daughter in 1962, the same year as Gladys.

For now, Gladys is awaiting the DNA results. Until then, she will know in her heart that she is the daughter of Marilyn Monroe and JFK. She hopes for confirmation and to develop a relationship with members of the Kennedy Family once the results come back positive.

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