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WATCH: Woman Crashes Through Ceiling Of Restaurant After Climbing Through False Panel In Bathroom

September 10, 2018

Unwary diners in a California Mexican restaurant witnessed something they never thought they would see when a woman came crashing through the ceiling right above their heads. The unexpected fall came shortly after the woman asked to use the restroom in the restaurant.

KCAL reports, “A person recorded the moment the woman fell through the ceiling tiles of Sabroso! Mexican Grill in Garden Grove Sunday. The restaurant said she asked to use the bathroom and an employee obliged.


“She went into the bathroom and was there for a long time, causing a line to form. A short while later, she broke through one of the red ceiling tiles and fell to the ground.”

Investigators say she likely climbed up a urinal inside the unisex bathroom and managed to remove a false panel to access the inside of the crawlspace above the restaurant proper.

She then proceeded to crawl around inside until the ceiling could no longer bear her weight.

That is when she became an uninvited guest of the restaurant, in a most dramatic way. Customers were advised to get out of the way and tables were moved when managers noticed the ceiling tiles were beginning to crumble.

They knew it was only a matter of time before whatever was up there would show itself.

The woman was not identified, but the staff at the Sabroso! restaurant said, "The woman that fell through the ceiling tiles was NOT a patron of our establishment. We do not know her identity as my staff and I had never seen or served her before.

"All we know is she is a middle-aged Caucasian woman."


Witnesses give a little more information about the woman and her possible motivation. The woman who captured the video, Japangie, called the woman a “crack head.”

And the police seem to agree with her assessment, as CBSLA reports, “the woman appeared to be homeless and on drugs, though they did not confirm what kind of substance they suspected the woman was on”

The woman, who claims she doesn’t know how she ended up inside the crawlspace, suffered only minor injuries from her 15-foot fall; no one else inside the restaurant was hurt.

To see the bizarre incident unfold on tape, watch the video, below. 

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