Woman Finds 2-Day-Old Baby Alligator. Years Later The Reptile Lives A Ridiculously Pampered Life That Leaves People Smiling

September 27, 2017

If you are anything like me, when you think of a house pet, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a dog or a cat, right? Well, when Angella Lance thinks of house pets, the first thing she thinks of is, apparently, alligators! Four years ago, Angella fell in love with a tiny, two-day-old alligator, named LillyGator, and the reptile has been living the high-life ever since.

LillyGator spends most of her days being pampered by her loving mother. Her pampering regimen includes face rubs, new outfits, and painted nails. Angella, LillyGator's mom, enjoys spoiling the little gator almost as much LillyGator enjoys receiving it. The two are inseparable in every way.

Angela believes that LillyGator is living the best life she possibly can while under the protection and care of her mom and LillyGator doesn't seem to mind her living conditions one bit. Some people are hesitant, at first, to approach the female alligator. It only takes a few moments, however, for LillyGator to show anyone and everyone she meets, just how lovable she is! Watch the video, below, to see LillyGator for yourself.

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