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Woman Hits 'Record' Just As Horse Rides Into Beach. Seconds Later, Grey Fins Begin To Charge Them

March 21, 2018

During an afternoon in South Australia, Charlotte brought her horse, Breezy, out, for a day on the beach. The two spent many afternoons walking the beach but on this particular day, they thought they’d get their feet wet.

As they began treading into the water, Charlotte began recording on her phone. While she and Breezy had walked into the beach before, nothing could have prepared them for what they encountered next.

Charlotte saw some grey fins in the distance. She wasn’t sure what was underneath the fins, but she had figured that whatever they were would leave them alone.

Well, she was wrong.

Charlotte and Breezy walked deeper into the ocean. That’s when everything changed. When Breezy was waist deep in the water, the fins turned directly towards Charlotte. For a moment, she feared that sharks were coming for her and her faithful horse.

But as the fins quickly got closer to her, she realized that they weren’t sharks at all! The grey fins belonged to dolphins!

Charlotte couldn’t believe her eyes! Dolphins were swimming at rapid speed towards Charlotte and Breeze! She began to laugh at the fact that she was on a horse in the ocean swimming next to dolphins! In what world does that happen?!

She recorded the once in a lifetime interaction! The dolphins were swimming within feet of Breezy! Breezy seemed not to mind the dolphins at all! In fact, she even walked deeper into the beach!

Since her first interaction with the dolphins, Charlotte has tested what she thought was only ever a once in a lifetime opportunity several times again and each time she and Breezy return to the water, the dolphins swim with them! Charlotte says that Breezy is a dolphin magnet!

Have you ever seen anything as incredible as a horse and dolphin together in the beach? Check out the video below! It’s truly a once in a lifetime experience!


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