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Woman Is Face To Face With Large Raven And When It Opens It's Mouth People's Jaws Dropped

July 25, 2017

When people think of talking birds, more often than not, they think of parrots. It is common knowledge that most parrots love interacting and having conversations with people. What is less well-known is the fact that ravens love to talk too. Even with this new knowledge, when I heard this raven I could not believe my ears.

Ravens are members of the Corvidae family, which in common English means the Crow family. Ravens are remarkably intelligent and, if properly trained, can learn to speak and converse better than parrots. They also mimic noises that they hear around them. With this in mind, it is no wonder that the raven in the video below is named Mischief.

Mischief, a White-Necked Raven, showed off his vocal ability one afternoon and I for one could not believe what I was hearing. Even my co-workers stopped what they were doing to listen in. I could swear that it was a human voice. Don't believe me? Watch the video below to hear for yourself!

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