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Woman Lays Down In The Grass Beside Her Horse. When She Goes To Record A Selfie, The Horse’s Reaction Leaves Her Rolling With Laughter

August 23, 2017

In my opinion, horses are some of the most graceful, beautiful, and mesmerizing animals on the planet. Though they are larger and can sometimes be intimidating, deep down inside, most are just big, cuddly babies. They really enjoy quality time and when they’ve spent a great deal of time with their owner, they become deeply attached. The bond they share is no different than one between a family dog or cat.


A lady named Lisa Brown shares a very strong bond with her horse, Jimmy. Jimmy is a beautiful black and white horse who has personality galore! Lisa loves to spend time with her equine counterpart and often goes to spend time with him out in the pastures. One warm and sunny day when Lisa was visiting the pasture, she saw Jimmy lay down for an afternoon nap. He seemed quite comfortable so she decided to walk over and take a seat beside him.


As she was petting him, he leaned up and, using his head, knocked her over gently. As soon as she laid on the ground, he placed his head atop hers as if to use her as his own comfy pillow! She couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a quick selfie. When she pulled out her camera, though, Jimmy did something absolutely hysterical, causing her a ton of giggles! Watch the video below to see what this hilarious horse did for attention.

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