Woman Noticed Group of Onlookers Ridiculing a Tiny Calf. When She Got Closer, She Quickly Realized This Was No Laughing Matter

February 28, 2017

We always seem to find a soft spot in our hearts for the unwanted, abused little animals. Knowing that they’re defenseless and can’t always stand up for themselves puts us animals lovers on guard, ready to defend them at a moment’s notice. This story is one about a tiny little calf named Blitzen. (You’re singing the Christmas song now, aren’t you?) He was a mere 37 pounds and only a few days old and was being sold at a cattle auction. He shouldn’t have been separated from his mother at such a young, fragile age.


Onlookers jeered and ridiculed him because of his tiny stature. One woman, Susie Coston, didn’t agree with the rude comments that the others were making about this poor, defenseless creature. Susie is a Farm Sanctuary’s National Shelter Director and after taking one look at little Blitzen, she knew exactly what she had to do. She first knew that if a calf is taken from its mother too early, it would have enough colostrum, which would cause him to easily develop infections and diseases. With this in mind, she knew this calf would be in grave danger if she didn’t intervene.


She purchased Blitzen and two other calves there, Alexander and Lawerence, and immediately took them to Nemo Far Animal Hospital at Cornell University. As soon as they arrived, the vets realized that Blitzen needed a blood transfusion and he was suffering from pneumonia. Thankfully, because of the swift thinking of Susie and the quick hands of the animal hospital staff, he was on a speedy route to recovery! It has been six years since then, and Blitzen is a thriving, happy, healthy cow. Watch this video below to see the story!

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