Woman Refuses A $1,000,000 Offer For Her Tiny, Old Home. The Reason Why Will Touch Your Heart And Bring Tears To Your Eyes

September 12, 2017


If you asked the average American what the ultimate dream is, you would probably get an answer something like, “having a million bucks in the bank.” We can see this aspiration played out in many of our lives as the years unfold: working long hours, missing family events, losing touch with old friends. We pursue the noble cause of attaining the financial security we think will make all the difference in our golden years. Until, one, day, we wake up and look in the mirror and realize we are there. We have the money, yet discover that something is missing.

We don’t all have this life-view, however, as one Seattle woman proved. Despite enormous pressure, she never wavered in her determination to remain in her home, no matter the cost.

We work our whole lives for financial security and, in the process, sometimes lose sight of things that are truly priceless. The memories we make along the way are the things that will comfort us in our old age, regardless of the dollar amount we have accumulated over our lifetimes. When one woman was being pushed out of the home she had lived in her entire life, she shoved back, refusing to give it up, in spite of a one million dollar offer to do so.

When the block she lived on was being developed for a major commercial project, Edith Macefield was offered a lot of money for her 108 year-old farmhouse. Determined to remain in her humble abode, Edith continued to resist the ever-mounting pressure to sell. Desperate to obtain this final tiny parcel, the developers upped the ante, and offered a staggering $1,000,000. It was certainly an offer she could not refuse!

When it came to her “riches,” however, Edith Macefield always had her sights set on a much more valuable treasure: the memories stored up in the home she had occupied for most of her life. Around every corner was a reminder of this person or that, of the birthdays celebrated, the good news shared and the bad mourned, of the people who had passed through the rooms, making the place somewhat of a shrine to the lives lived-out within the walls.

No amount of money could ever make up for those precious memories and she was willing to put her money where her mouth was. Watch the video, below, to learn more about Edith’s incredible story.

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