Woman Finds Homeless Dog On The Beach. When She Takes It Home Two Days Later, She Has No Clue How Much Her Life Is About To Change

August 09, 2017

Dogs may appreciate love more than anyone or anything else on this planet. When a dog receives love, they waste no time in returning that love 100 times over. Dogs seem capable of expressing just as much if not more love than humans express to each other. So it is no surprise when the dog in this story was found wandering on a beach one evening, all she wanted to do was love and be loved.

One evening, while on vacation, a woman was walking her dogs down to the beach. It was a daily routine for her and her pets to enjoy the last moments of sunshine down by the ocean every night. On this night, however, the woman saw something she did not expect. Another dog was walking towards her, with its tail wagging. The dog seemed to want to walk with the other dogs so the woman allowed her to tag along.

After the walk was over the woman loaded up her dogs but the stray dog had to stay behind. The area where the woman lived was populated with homeless dogs so she was used to seeing strays but there seemed to be something different about this dog that made it hard for the woman to drive away. She decided to go to the beach the next day see if she could find the dog again.

It did not take long for the woman to spot the dog the next day. The woman simply sat and watched the dog for hours. The dog would walk up to every person she saw with a smile on her face and her tail wagging. The woman realized that the dog was desperate for attention. She seemed healthy enough so she did not desire food. What the dog desired above all else was love.

The woman was torn about what to do with the dog. She wanted to take her home but did not know if it would be proper. So she left the beach and determined that if she saw the dog the next day that she would pluck up her courage and take the dog home. Sure enough, the woman returned to the beach the next day, only to see the sweet dog wandering around looking for someone to share her love with.

The woman scooped up the loving pooch and put her in the car. She affectionately named the dog "Blue" because she had spent so much time by the sea. The woman drove the dog back to her home town and fostered the pup and showered her with all the love that she could. Blue got along with all the other dogs in the home and it did not take long for a loving forever family to hear about Blue's story. The family came and adopted Blue and the dog said goodbye to the woman who gave her a second chance in life.

Blue's foster mom kept up with the dog's journey via Facebook and emails. To her delight, the woman found out that Blue had helped her new mom through a rather difficult time and was being trained as a service dog. The woman was certain that Blue would be the best service dog in the world. Blue became a fully trained and capable service dog that helped people with Alzheimer's and many other disorders. Blue went from a lonely stray to loving care giver, all thanks to the loving heart of one woman! Watch the video below to see Blue's journey.

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