Woman Sees Rescued Chimps For First Time In 18 Years, Moments Later Their Response Left Millions Speechless

July 31, 2017

Animals, more often than not are capable of showing as much, if not more emotion than human beings. Dogs and cats alike are capable of showing immense gratitude and love towards their human companions. It isn't until you see something like a chimpanzee showing emotion, that you really get a grasp of the extent of how much emotion animals can truly show. The chimps in this story are reunited with a long lost friend after 18 years and reaction left everyone in tears.

When she was younger, Linda Koebner was asked to be part of a very special process. A testing lab had finished with a pair of chimpanzees and wanted to see if the animals could transition back into a normal existence. Linda and her team took the chimps, Doll and Swing, to an animal sanctuary in Florida where they stayed with the chimps every day to monitor their progress. Slowly but surely, both chimps were able to acclimate themselves to their new environment. Linda was thrilled that she had helped her chimp friends start a new life.

18 years later, Linda returned to the sanctuary to see how Doll and Swing were getting along. Linda and the other workers were not sure if the two chimps would recognize her after all these years. Doll and Swing were standing on a dock and when Linda approached, the chimps reached their hands out in recognition of their long lost friend. Linda burst into tears as she hugged her friends and everyone there that day caught a glimpse of the wonderful memory and love that made Linda, Doll, and Swing friends forever! Watch the video below to see the incredible reunion and to hear the full story of Swing and Doll.

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