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Woman Sees Stray Mother Dog Huddled Around Puppies. As She Leans In Closer, She Can’t Believe What She’s Seeing Hiding Underneath The Pups

February 20, 2018

It’s been said before that nothing can come between a mother and her babies. While that is entirely true, the lengths that a mother will go to protect her babies are sometimes unbelievable. In this story, one mother went above and beyond to protect not only her babies but so much more.

One day, a woman was in a parking lot when she saw a stray dog in the distance. She knew that the dog had to have been freezing because it was winter and quite chilly outside. As she approached the dog, she realized that she wasn’t alone- she was curled around several puppies.

The woman watched in awe as the mother stray carefully folded her body around the puppies for warmth. As she stared in amazement a little bit longer, she saw something that surprised her.

Amongst the furry litter of puppies, she saw something smooth… it appeared to be a hand.

A human baby hand!

The woman was absolutely shocked! She slowly scooted some puppies out of the way in order to grab the baby. The mother dog was completely calm knowing the woman was saving the babies life. I like to think that the mother dog passed off the responsibility to the woman and in that moment, she trusted the woman to care for the dog.

The baby was taken to the hospital where she was immediately treated for being left outside. The doctors said that had the stray dog and her puppies not been wrapped around the baby, the baby would have died.

The mother was later tracked down and found to be mentally unstable. She, too, is getting the proper care that she needs. The baby is healthy and in care of a loving family.

The dog, who the woman later named Way, is also off the streets. She and her puppies were rescued by the local animal shelter and they are being put up for adoption.

Thank God for Way and her puppies! They are heroes!


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