Woman Sees What Look Like Bug Bites On Her Puppy’s Skin, But Once She Gets a Closer Look, She Realizes The Horrifying Truth Of What Happened In Her Own Backyard

August 03, 2017

Dogs are loyal and gentle creatures which is why they have so rightfully earned the place of Man (and Woman’s) Best Friend. Which is makes it so much worse when people take advantage of and abuse these magnificent animals. English Mastiffs in particular are known for being affectionate and good-natured. Which is what makes the story of what Jackson went through, so much more horrific.

Hayden Howard of Seymour, Indiana assumed her dog had been bitten by a whole variety of insects when she felt odd bumps under her dog’s fur. That would be the natural assumption of course, as who would imagine that their dog would have undergone the atrocities that sweet Jackson had been through. Jackson, who isn’t even a year old, had been shot over 60 times with pellets and BB’s while he was in his own backyard.

Hayden began to suspect that it was something was wrong when she noticed the open wounds on Jackson, and she then raced him to the vet. The vet removed 20 BB’s and 7 pellets from Jackson, but was unable to remove more than 20 bbs and pellets. There was also bruising and marks from an additional 20 that appear to have bounced off of the dog.

The vet was forced to shave large portions of Jackson in order to remove the pellets, leaving this poor boy resembling a patchwork quilt. One pellet was even found lodged underneath Jackson’s eyelid. The vet said that had Hayden not discovered the wounds when she did, Jackson could have suffered serious infections

When Police arrived, they began to work on the animal cruelty case. They found BB’s stuck in a tree in Hayden’s yard and using those, they were able to trace the direction they had been fired from to her neighbor. The police were able to attain a search warrant for Hayden’s neighbor, Timothy Woodward. Police found the weapons that were likely used in this incident - as well as methamphetamine, marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Timothy Woodward has been arrested for drug possession charges, but they have not yet charged him with animal cruelty. They sent the guns off to be tested against the bbs and pellets from Jackson and are awaiting those results.

Hopefully Jackson is able to overcome what has been done to him, and he is able to live a long and happy life with no more fear. Additionally, here’s hoping that Timothy Woodward is charged and convicted for the cruelty he has inflicted on this young dog.

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