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Woman Steps In To Be A Surrogate After Her Sister's Miscarriages. They Celebrate This 'Rainbow Baby' In The Most Beautiful Way

October 17, 2017

These sisters are much closer than most. Anna Howat and Beth Gaudino take this whole sister thing to the next level. Gaudino, 32, is expecting a baby through surrogacy by her sister Howat, 29. After Beth lost her twins at 20 weeks, her sister Anna stepped in and became her surrogate. Anna herself had previously gone through miscarriages but went on to give birth to her daughter a year earlier.

Anna said about her sister Beth, "I remember her telling us that the doctors weren’t sure if she was going to be able to get pregnant, and she was obviously crying, and I just remember saying: ‘Well, I’ll just carry your baby,’ ” said Anna. “It wasn’t even like an offer, and there were no questions. It was just like, obviously I would do that for her.”

“We went through similar things together, so I could understand what she was going through and she could understand what I was going through,” Anna said. “I think that the whole experience, my miscarriages, and her losses, brought us much closer.” Anna became pregnant in May of this year with her sister Beth's baby via in-vitro fertilization.

A Rainbow Baby is a child that is born after a miscarriage or stillbirth. JoAnn Marrero organized a Rainbow Baby photo shoot for the sisters and other moms who have experienced miscarriages and then went on to conceive a Rainbow Baby.

Marrero said, “Doing complimentary, annual Rainbow sessions is important to me as I lost a baby prior to having my son Michael. As a professional birth photographer, I see so much joy, yet at times, a lot of sadness. This year alone I have photographed over 200 babies. It’s heartbreaking when you photograph a baby and then get the news that, several hours later, they passed away.”

These sisters are amazing and we wish them all the best in the future with the new arrival on its way!

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