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Workers Hear Strange Sounds Coming From A Well. When They See What's Inside They Drop Everything To Help

September 29, 2017

There are times in life that we have to make hard choices. These choices often don't affect just ourselves, but also the people and creatures around us. Such is the case with a group of workers at a copper mine. The men hear splashing noises coming from a nearby well and, when they realize what is making the noise, they make a decision that turns them into heroes.

There is a baby elephant in the well, struggling in futile attempt to get out. The tiny calf is up to his head in the water and will soon drown without the help of the workers. The workers spring into action and soon have the baby elephant out of the well and onto dry ground. Tracks around the well tell the workers that the calf's herd had tried and failed, at an earlier time, to rescue the elephant.

The workers attempt to reintroduce the calf to a few different elephant herds, but none of them seems to accept the baby. The workers decide to take the elephant to a sanctuary where he is fed and rehydrated. The calf's fate now lies in the hands of these professionals who are determined to give him the best life possible. Thanks to the bravery of the mine workers, the tiny elephant lives to see another day. Watch the video, below, to see the rescue for yourself!

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