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World’s Best Dog Trainer Has Some ‘Do This, Not That’ Advice For You

November 14, 2017

Dogs are a lot like children; they need structure and routine, and lots and lots of love. There is another thing you must know, according to Cesar Millan, aka ‘The Dog Whisperer’ - animals don't lie.

Cesar has built his life around dogs. Here, he shares his unique philosophy. "I don't really train dogs because if you think about training a dog, it's like telling a dog to do something for you. To me, I feel like whatever you want the dog to do, he already knows. You just have to make sure you gain his trust. That's why I actually developed the understanding that people, especially the people who love dogs, don't know how to gain the trust of a dog."

To gain the trust of your dog Cesar suggests, instead of punishments, use preventive measures such as exercise, which helps prevent the dog from misbehavior. Cesar explains that there are four types of discipline for your dog: positive reinforcement, positive punishment, negative punishment, and negative reinforcement. Here are his tips:

Positive reinforcement is very straightforward; it involves rewarding your dog for doing something good. This could mean giving your dog a treat when he behaves, or a pat on the head when he’s friendly to strangers. Positive punishment is a little different; it involves adding something to a situation to correct your dog. If your dog is licking your furniture, spraying a sour-tasting spray on the legs will automatically teach him to stop.

Negative punishment relies on taking something away to stop bad behavior. If your dog is aggressive when you step between him and his food, taking the bowl away gives him nothing to growl about. Lastly, negative reinforcement involves taking something away to help correct your dog. If he barks at squirrels all day, drawing the shade down will stop him from acting out. For more information on how to train your dog, check out Cesar Millan on Instagram.

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