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Would Be Thief Gets The Scare Of Her Life When She Attempts To Steal A Package Off Of Someone’s Doorstep

February 28, 2018

In today’s world, online shopping is such a prevalent part of life that it’s not unusual at all to see packages sitting on someone’s doorstep. Unfortunately, thieves all around the world are beginning to take advantage of this and have begun to steal the packages off of people’s porches and doorsteps when they are not home.

As more packages are stolen, people have begun to try and fight back in the best way they can. From leaving packages containing dog poop on their porch so they get stolen to using things such as the ring doorbell to ward off intruders, it’s become a battle against crime. One thief in the United Kingdom was walking along with two other accomplices when they spotted some unattended packages leaned up against the door of a home.

As she nonchalantly strolled up to the door and attempted to steal away the packages, she appeared at ease with her choices, like someone who had done this before. As she picked up the package, it emitted a loud bang, startling her. It sounded exactly like a gunshot, and was certainly startling to her! Of course, the package didn’t truly shoot at her and had merely been rigged to startle her. It seems to have worked because none of the packages from that house were stolen at all.