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Wrongly Accused Of Being A Monster, This Cute Animal Covers His Caregiver In Hugs and Kisses - And It’s Absolutely Heartwarming!

December 05, 2017

When I think of adorable animals with sweet and cuddly dispositions, I usually think of puppies, kittens, and bunnies. While there are millions of animals in the world, many with sweet dispositions, I tend to consider only these three animals. Knowing that this world is full of more than seven million different species of animals, I was eager to broaden my scope of sweet animals.

I wanted to challenge myself and learn a little bit more about some of the more unexpected sweethearts of the animal kingdom and, boy, was I surprised! In the animal world, things aren’t always what they seem, especially when referring to one very overlooked animal, the wolverine.

Wolverines are hardly ever remembered as animals, let alone sweet animals. They are known for being entirely ferocious with larger-than-life strength. Literally, these animals are quite small and compact, nearly the size of a dog, but have been known to prey on large adult deer and large adult wolves. For this reason, they’ve been labeled as evil monsters and attack animals.

The truth is that, yes, wolverines are very strong animals. In the wild, they must protect themselves and their family, just like every other animal. They are, however, not entirely evil. In fact, one wolverine gave the world a real run for its money when it “attacked” an animal sanctuary staff member with nothing more than obsessive cuddles.

At a wildlife animal sanctuary in Alaska, the guide is preparing to present the infamous wolverine. While many viewers have never seen a wolverine, they watch in anxious anticipation, wondering if the animal would be aggressive. As the guide walks toward the crowd, the wolverine makes and entirely-unexpected move, and jumps onto the guide’s back leg.

The guide continues walking but feels the weight of the wolverine. That’s when the wolverine starts to get a little more disruptive; he begins wrapping his arms and legs around the guide, and even sticks his nose in the man’s shirt. The guide turns around, now face-to-face with the animal, and tries to force him back.

The wolverine insists on getting closer and closer to the guide’s face. Many people watching think, “Oh no, is the wolverine going to bite him?” That’s when the most shocking part of all happens. The wolverine gives the guide a big ‘ole smooch on the lips!! The crowd lets out a collective, “Aww,” and that’s when the guide shares about the tender side of the wolverine.

Sounds like a pretty sweet critter to me, after all! While I don’t foresee myself buying a wolverine as a pet, I will definitely be counting them among the sweetest animals! Watch this video and see this cuddly wolverine, for yourself!

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