Yankee Poodle Was Running Loose In The Middle of the City Until People Came Together To Save Him

August 07, 2017

Yankee Poodle had been running loose on the streets of Los Angeles for quite a while when Hope for Paws first heard about the sweet little dog. They were on their way back from another rescue when they heard about him. When they first spotted the dog, he was lying completely still on his side in the shade as he napped.

At first, Yankee Poodle was extremely nervous about their arrival. They startled him as he was sleeping peacefully by trying to put the leash on him, and he awoke scared. He became defensive out of fear, then froze up - it was likely the first time he’d been leashed in a long time! When they began to load Yankee Poodle, neighbors and people who were in the area thanked the rescuers profusely - they’d been trying to care for him for a while now. From people feeding him, to others offering this sweet boy water.

Although he appeared to be in rough shape when they first found him, he was in perfect health and only needed a bath and nuetering! Yankee Poodle is being fostered by a dog trainer and he is living there safely with while he looks for a new home! This sweet boy is getting a chance to learn some manners to help him find a good home. He no longer has to worry about running away from people, now he spends his days chasing after tennis balls.

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