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Young Boy With "Butterfly Skin" Meets His Heroes; HIS FAITH CHANGES THEM FOREVER! Share Marky with the WORLD! [VIDEO]

March 29, 2017

Marky is one of the most remarkable young men you will ever meet! 


Marky was born with a disease known as "Butterfly Skin"; instead of having 7 layers of skin like other people, Marky only has one layer of skin. 

Marky's skin is so delicate that any sort of bump or friction causes it to break down, making it impossible for Marky to do things like go to the beach or play with other children. 


But through all of this Marky has kept his smile and kept his faith! His Pastor even says, "Ive never heard that kid complain". 

One way Marky has kept his happiness and hope alive through all of his procedures is by listening to the Elevation Worship band. 

After hearing the song "Resurrecting" on YouTube, Marky began listening to the song everyday. Before and even during every procedure he went through, Marky would listen and sing along with the band!


Marky's Pastor got in touch with a friend at Elevation Church and told him about Marky's story; the friend immediately told the worship team all about Marky!

Two of the lead worship Pastors, Mack and Chris, flew out to meet Marky shortly after hearing about his story! 

Mack and Chris brought Marky some new music, a poster and then played Marky his favorite song! 


Even though Mack and Chris came to encourage Marky, it is evident that Marky actually inspired them even more! 

Marky's genuine faith and selflessness brought Mack to tears! 


Watch the VIDEO below and let Marky inspire the change in you that he has inspired in ME!