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You’ll Be Shocked When You Learn Why This Driver Crashed Through A Fence and Into A Parking Lot

March 09, 2018

Driving a car is a great responsibility and one that many people take for granted in today’s world. Thousands of pounds of metal all at your command can be quite the recipe for disaster when the driver doesn’t take the time and care they need to. Security camera footage from Bulgaria has recently come out and it’s been serving as a reminder to all of us that we need to be more cautious in our driving.

The driver in question refuses to stop at a turn, and instead, they accelerate! Two pedestrians were walking by, but were thankfully just far enough back to escape the potentially deadly situation, and walk away unscathed. The vehicle crashed right through chain link fence around the parking lot and landed in an empty parking lot. The car was munched from its rough landing, and passersby began to race to the vehicle to help the driver.

The driver was completely alright, only a bit shaken. Instead of pressing the brake like he’d intended to, he’d instead placed his foot on the accelerator. This could have easily been a deadly accident if the pedestrians had been walking just a little faster, so this was a brutal wakeup call to everyone who saw this. We all need to take the time and focus on our driving and getting to our destinations as safe as possible, that’s for sure.