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You Might Be Getting Older, But Is Your Mental Age Getting Younger?

January 05, 2018

In life, there are some things that we cannot control; we can’t control the weather, we can’t control other people, and we can’t control our age. No matter how many hours we spend taking care of our physical bodies or how many diets we try in order to keep ourselves healthy, our age will only ever increase.

Sure, there are creams you can buy to fight the wrinkles, and there are even surgeries that you can get to dramatically transform your physical appearance. But regardless of what it is that you’re doing, your biological age will only increase over time. It’s just a fact of life.

However, there is a component to your increasing age that you can control - your mental age. Your mental age is very powerful and many times overlooked. Your mental age is referring to your intelligence level and your perspective on life rather than your biological age.

Your mental age is in close connection to your intelligence and your perspective, rather than your aging body as it circles around the sun. A mental age is calculated by looking at an individual’s biological age - how many years old they are - and comparing it to the intellectual performance for that same physical age. That might be difficult to fully understand, so keep reading!

While you might be 65 years old with a body that feels tired, your mind might be sharper than a tack and you dare to dream big dreams. On the flipside, you might be a young 22 years old with a mental age of 65. Your brain is operating at a different age than your body; and that’s okay!

You might think to yourself, “How do you adjust your mental age?” One very practical way is to keep your mind sharp by stimulating your brain the way your brain feels stimulated. You’ve probably heard the concept of the left and right brain; the left brain is logical while the right brain is more creative.

If you’re a person who primarily thinks with your left brain - perhaps numbers, puzzles, logic, and data intrigue you -  then you might do something like work on crosswords or brain teasers to keep your mind sharp. Whereas if you primarily use your right brain (art, writing, music, theory, and philosophy intrigue you), then perhaps reading or having in-depth conversations will help improve your mental age. In other words, do more of what makes you happy!

Additionally, there is a psychological component to adjusting your mental age as well and it’s a mindset called gratitude. Gratitude is the mindset of thankfulness. By adopting a mindset of gratitude, you are allowing yourself to be surprised by the world around you. You acknowledge things as a gift rather than feeling entitled to them.

Together, those things will keep your mental age in prime real estate. Yes, your age is only ever going to increase, but your mental age is highly controlled by your perspective. You’re never too old or too young to think, and that is a wonderful thought. Check out the video, below, to learn your mental age!

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