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You Only Need A Few Items From The Dollar Tree To Easily Turn A Corner Of Your Home Into A Breathtaking Display For Fall

September 14, 2018

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been highly anticipating the arrival of fall for quite some time. While summer is always so wonderful, the thought of cozy knit sweaters and colorful, crisp fall leaves is absolutely irresistible.

To help transition into all things autumn, one of the first things that I love to do is get my home in the seasonal mood. It’s not always convenient to go out and purchase scads of decor for the fall season, so one of my favorite things to do is make my own. I recently came across one of the most incredible DIY tutorials I’ve seen in a while.

Here, you’ll find four quick, easy, and crazy affordable DIYs that will turn any corner of your house into a welcoming fall corner in little to no time at all. The best part? Everything you need can be found at the Dollar Tree. Now, throw on your favorite flannel and let’s get crafty!

For the topiary:
2 Foam balls, one larger and one a bit smaller
Hot glue gun
Floral moss
Paint in dark green and brown
Makeup sponge
Floral foam
Floral pot

Take your foam balls and cover completely in green paint using a makeup sponge. This step isn’t necessary but will help conceal the color of the ball so that it will blend in with the greenery.

Next, take your hot glue gun and cover a portion of the ball with glue. Immediately cover with floral moss, ensuring that the entire ball is covered completely. Next, paint your dowel in brown. Once it dries, it’s time to insert it into the balls. Use a knife and puncture a hole completely through the larger ball so that the dowel will fit through it.

Puncture a hole only in the bottom of the smaller ball. Once both are on the dowel, take your scissors and clean up any wild moss. Next, take your floral foam and place in the bottom of the floral pot. Insert the dowel in the middle of the foam and cover the foam entirely with the various stones.

For the tiered tray:
Pie pan
Cake pan
Ivory chalk paint
Paint sponge
Nautical rope
Hot glue
Decorative pumpkins

Turn the cake pan and pie pan upside down on a flat surface. Use your hot glue gun to attach the nautical rope around the top lips of the pans. Continue to glue the rope around the pans until you reach the bottom. Next, turn the pans over. Using ivory chalk paint and a paint sponge, cover the entire centers and sides of both pans.

While the pans dry, paint the candlesticks with the same color. Once everything has dried completely, attach one candlestick to the center of the pie pan. Add hot glue to the top of the candlestick and attach the cake pan on top. Fill the centers of the trays with moss and your decorative pumpkins.

For the wall art:
Six 5x7 picture frames
Wood print craft paper
Hot glue
Popsicle sticks
Foam wreath
Floral moss
Metal word or phrase

Take your wood print craft paper and insert a piece into each of the picture frames. Remove the stands from the backs of the frames so that they will lay flat against the wall when hung. Lay your picture frames face-down on the table and glue together in a 3x3 fashion. Glue popsicle sticks to the backs for added stability.

Next, use hot glue to attach the floral moss to the foam wreath, ensuring to cover it entirely. Trim away any excess moss. Glue your metal word or phrase to the middle of the wreath. Attach the wreath to the center of the picture frames with hot glue.

For the candlesticks:
Candle pillars
Paint in White, Taupe, Beige, and Antique White
Makeup sponge
Adhesive patterned stencil
Nautical rope
Hot glue

Paint the candle pillars with antique white paint. Using a makeup sponge, add a mixture of taupe and beige paint to the pillars to create a more textured and aged pattern. If you want a taller candlestick, glue multiple pillars atop one another.

Place the stencil on the base of the candlesticks and paint in the designs with white paint. Once dry, attach nautical rope around the center of the pillars.

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