You Will Never Believe What This Orangutan Does When A Pregnant Woman Approaches Him! [VIDEO]

April 12, 2017

When this family went to the zoo they were expecting a fun day, seeing all the things you would expect.

Lions, elephants and giraffes are always fun to see, but the monkey exhibit is always a MUST! 

This is where the family's day took an amazing turn! 

While visiting the monkey enclosure the family happened upon a male orangutan. 

The orangutan made his way over to the glass to seemingly say "Hello" to the family. 

When a pregnant woman approached the enclosure the orangutan focused on her and her belly.

The woman rubbed her belly as if to tell the orangutan, "There's a baby in there". 

The orangutan amazingly began stroking the glass where the woman's belly was; incredibly he even leaned over and gave her belly a KISS! 

It was a touching moment of love and understanding that brought the mom to tears! 

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