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Prince Harry Publicly Blasted By Young Boy In Front Of Large Crowd. His Scrambling Response Has The Whole Internet Talking

March 20, 2019

Prince Harry is no stranger to interactions with the public. As a crucial member of the British Royal Family, he’s known nothing but media, fame, and living life in the spotlight.

When you live a life such as he, you’re bound to encounter some interesting fans from time to time. One can only imagine the kind of stories he’s accumulated over the years from the things fans have said to him, ranging from hilarious comments to wedding proposals.

Recently, he just added one more comical story to his diary of humor and it’s one that people can’t stop talking about on the internet.

Recently, Prince Harry made a visit to St. Vincent’s Catholic Primary School to see the young children there. If you’ve ever spent any amount of time around children, you know that they will say any and every thought that comes to their creative and wondering minds.

As he approached the school, he could see droves of children happily lined up near the playground, all prepared to give him the warmest welcome possible. The father-to-be couldn’t help but beam as he saw their gleeful, innocent faces all watching his every move.

He soon began to greet each and every one of them, ensuring that he did his best to make them feel thanked and noticed for their kind welcoming.

One student, however, made a comment that instantly took the cake and certainly caught him off guard more than any of the others!

A four-year-old named Emmanuel Osei boldly tapped Harry on the shoulder. In an honest and straight-forward manner, he asked, “When is the real Prince Harry coming?”

Harry instantly laughed and replied, “But I’m Prince Harry.” Emmanuel, still puzzled, asked the question once more, “But when is the real Prince Harry coming??” In typical Harry fashion, the Prince changed his answer to a more comical one. “I’m the real Harry. I’ve just had my hair cut for the occasion.”

After the hilarious encounter, one of the teachers there recapped the scenario with Harry. She told him that the children believe a prince should be in a crown and, since Harry just looked like a dapper gentleman, there’s no way he could be a real-life prince.

This is likely a story he will tell his little ones in years down the road and the family will chuckle with delight. Out of the mouths of babes come the most hilarious and sincere comments!

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