Young Boy Drops Cymbal During National Anthem, Within Seconds His Hysterical Recovery Has Millions In Stitches

August 24, 2017

It is safe to say that all of us, at one point or another, have had one or two, or maybe a hundred embarrassing moments. Life is full of embarrassing moments and there is no escaping them, no matter how hard we try. More often than not, there is someone around when our most embarrassing moments occur that will remind us of the incident for the rest of our lives. That's exactly what happened to the young man in this story when his embarrassing moment was caught on camera. He shows us, however, that is not the embarrassing moment that defines us. Rather, it is how we respond when the embarrassing moment comes.

One afternoon, at a junior high school, students gathered in the gymnasium to hear the school band perform some music. Students, faculty, and parents alike, anxiously waited for the performance to begin. The band took their places and the director took the microphone to introduce the band and their first song, which was the national anthem. Three students in the band went to the center of the gymnasium to start the song. Two of the students carried drums and the other carried two massive cymbals. The song began and everyone rose to their feet. Everything was going off without a hitch until disaster struck for the young man playing the cymbals.

The cymbal player clashed his cymbals together but one of them went flying out of his hand and crashed to the floor. The boy's eyes went wide and many of the other students looked his direction while still playing through the song. The boy did not miss a beat, however, and quickly put his other cymbal on the floor and did the only thing he could think of. He turned and saluted the flag! Everyone watching couldn't help but smile at the young man's quick thinking. Needless to say, what could have been truly embarrassing turned out to be the highlight of the performance. Watch the video below to see the funny patriotic moment.

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