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Missing Boy Found Alive 12 Hours After Falling Into Los Angeles Sewage System

April 03, 2018

Jesse Hernandez of Los Angeles had been spending his Easter Sunday playing with his friends outside at a Los Angeles park. While he and the other children were playing, Jesse happened to run over a plank bridge that he quickly learned was unstable.

The bridge snapped and Jesse plummeted 25 feet into a river of sewage. The current carried him into the underground L.A. sewage system where he was no longer in sight of anyone who could possibly help him.


The children ran to tell adults who immediately called 911. When first responders learned that Jesse was lost in the Los Angeles underground sewage system, they knew that they had to act fast. The Los Angeles sewage system is one of the most toxic and complex systems in the United States; there was no telling how long he would be able to survive…

After more than 12 hours of searching for Jesse, rescuers saw handprints on one of the cameras from the tunnels. They immediately located Jesse and began drilling a manhole.


Adel Hagekhalil shares with Fox news that Jesse began screaming for help once he saw the light peaking through. The crew lowered a hose more than 11 feet to Jesse where he grabbed hold of the hose. Rescuers began pulling him up.


Jesse called for his family and cried after he believed that he’d never see them again. He was so grateful to the first responders who reunited him with his family.


Jesse was admitted to the hospital where he would be treated for his extended time in the toxic sewage. Hospital staff is saying that he will be okay and that the experience was more traumatic mentally than anything else.


Brian Humphrey, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Fire Department, testified of Jesse’s extraordinary strength, "He has tremendous inner strength," Humphrey said. "It's obvious he's not a quitter."


Jesse is grateful for the rescuers who managed to reunite him with his family after believing he’d never see them again. He is so happy to be alive.

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