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Young Deer Needs Help From Police Officer, His Unexpected Reaction Is What Has People Talking Days Later

August 25, 2017

There are times in life that we all need a helping hand. This goes for both the human race and the animal kingdom. When people help other people it is a sign of empathy and understanding. When animals help other animals we see it as one of the most beautiful things that nature can show us. It is when help is offered between humans and animals, however, that something truly special happens. This is demonstrated by the peace officer in this story when he receives a call about a deer in a family backyard. The officer is not prepared for just how special of a turn his day is about to take.

When officer Kevin Zieschang arrives at a house in Fulshear, Texas, the family immediately invites him inside and shows him to the backyard so he can assess the problem. Officer Zieschang sees that there is a young deer in the backyard that is tangled in a mass of rope and can’t free himself. Working quickly, Officer Zieschang grabs hold of the deer’s antlers and untangles them from the rope. Once the deer is freed, Officer Zieschang tries to tell it to go home but the deer refuses to leave. The young deer is so grateful to Officer Zieschang that it wants to stay with him. Officer Zieschang is stunned and insists that the deer go back to the woods where it belongs.

Days later, Officer Zieschang is giving an interview about the rescue and, to everyone’s surprise, the young deer makes its way out of hiding to come and see his rescuer again. It is apparent that the deer is quite attached to Officer Zieschang so the officer names the deer “Uncle Buck” and helps transfer the young buck to an animal sanctuary nearby so he could come and see his new friend anytime he wants. Officer Zieschang does not expect to make such a unique friend today but we don’t think he minds one bit. Watch the video below to see the rescue and the adorable friendship between man and deer!

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