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Young Girl Saved From Certain Death By ‘Ghost Man.’ The Thrilling Footage Will Leave You Speechless

March 06, 2018

This footage captured by a street light camera is quickly taking over the Internet. While it’s been viewed millions of times, the reality of it can’t quite be certain… take a look for yourself and tell us what you think.

It’s 11:48 pm on June 18th, 2017. By this time, most of the town has gone to bed. For some odd reason, however, one young girl has decided to go for a late-night stroll through town. Just at the same time, two cars were driving along the road. While this is common, what happened next is incredibly extraordinary!

The young girl approaches the street without taking a glance for approaching cars. In fact, she hardly ever misses a step. With both cars headed in her direction, she walks into the street to cross...

The first car is headed right towards her but stops as soon as it realizes the young girl is in its direct path. The girl continues her stride… right in the way of the second car.

The second car slams on its breaks but it appeared that it was too late… Just when there was about to be a tragic collision, something supernatural happens!

As the girl is only feet away from the second car, a figure comes out of nowhere and carries the girl across the street!

The footage shows something truly shocking, and it’s almost difficult to believe! The “Ghost Man” as viewers are calling him, comes from out of nowhere. And then, once she’s safe across the road, he’s gone again. He’s completely out of sight. His timing is truly miraculous as he runs with the girl and pulls her out of certain death...

Some are calling this footage counterfeit because of the mystery of it, but there are many believe that the “Ghost Man” was really that, a ghost while some are suspecting an angel. What do you think? Check out the footage captured from that very night!


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