Young Man Waits Patiently As Deer Approaches. He Then Invites The Animal Over For A Special Meal Time

October 12, 2017

If you grew up in a small town as I did, chances are you had to seek out a lot of adventures to keep yourself entertained. Often, these little excursions lead to some unforgettable moments in life. Take, for instance, Chris, a young man who knows where a group of deer likes to hang out. One Autumn afternoon, Chris decides to try and befriend the group of deer with some rather incredible results.

Chris locates the area that he knows the deer frequent, finds a log to sit on, and waits patiently for the deer family to reveal themselves. Chris has brought some apples with him and breaks one apart before setting it on the ground in front of him. Before long, Chris catches sight of the deer as they approach looking for food. The area is secluded, so the deer do not have many opportunities to interact with humans, but Chris is determined to make contact.

One of the deer comes right up to Chris, and the young man sits perfectly still, so as not to scare the animal. The deer eagerly eats the apple chunks at Chris' feet then, looking up, the deer locks eyes with the young man for the first time. Chris carefully offers the animal another apple, and the deer eats it straight from his hand. Chris continues to feed this deer, and offers apples and carrots to her friends. As he attempts to wipe the smile from his face, Chris realizes that he will never forget this incredible time. Watch the video, below, to see the fantastic encounter for yourself.

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