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Young Orphanage-Founder Returns To Surprise The Kids He Helped. When The Children See Him, Their Joy Is Uncontainable

October 19, 2017

We all want to make our dreams come true, right? Some people's dream, however, is to make other people's dreams come true. Robbie is one such person who has a dream to change many young boy's lives for the better. Robbie achieves this dream by co-founding and building an orphanage in Jinja, Uganda.

Robbie and his team have opened their orphanage doors to young men who, otherwise, would have to live on the streets for the rest of their lives. Robbie's orphanage provides the boys with food, beds, and education. The boys develop an unbreakable bond with Robbie, and Robbie absolutely adores the boys he cares for. Robbie's dream has come true, and the boys' lives are forever-changed.

Robbie, however, could not stay in Uganda forever, and the day finally came when he had to say goodbye to the boys that he loved so much. There were tearful goodbyes, and lots of hugs as Robbie made his way around to each boy. As Robbie was leaving the orphanage, he looked back and knew, in his heart, that he would be back, no matter what.

After what seemed like an eternity, at least to Robbie, plans came together, and Robbie was able to book a ticket back to Uganda. He informed the workers at the orphanage that he was returning, but Robbie wanted his return to be a surprise for the children. Robbie arrived in Uganda and immediately went to the orphanage. Soon, it was time for the long-anticipated reunion with his boys!

As Robbie waits outside the common-yard, the workers go into the building to tell the boys to go outdoors. With his heart beating out of his chest, Robbie opens the gate to the yard and makes his way inside. It doesn't take long for the kids to come rushing to greet him. Robbie opens his arms wide as his boys rush forward and nearly tackle him to the ground! The joy on everyone's face is enough to make anyone tear up with happiness. The boys are reunited with their best friend, and Robbie is able to see his favorite children again - and watch their dreams come true. Watch the video, below, to see the emotional reunion for yourself.

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