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Young Woman Gets Rare Pregnancy Diagnosis, Leaving Doctors Dumbfounded And Parents Terrified

April 09, 2018

There is no more vulnerable time in a woman's life than during pregnancy. So when she gets a shocking diagnosis in what she thought was a normal pregnancy, fears threaten to overtake the joy.

Twins are a fairly commonplace occurrence, but it is still a shock for most parents when they get the news that, what they thought would be one baby, turns out to be more than one.

When Alexandra Kinova and Antonin Kroscen were expecting their second child they found out they were having twins. Imagine not only their excitement but also the changes they would have to make to their plans for the baby's arrival.

When they had just about adjusted to the idea of two babies, the doctor gave them more astounding news.

They weren't having two babies after all. In fact, they were having four!! They doubled their outcome in a single moment!


Then, it wasn't until the birth-day that doctors realized that they were still off the mark.

That's when not four but FIVE little ones made their appearance. Alexandra and Antonin were stunned when they saw that fifth little head emerge, and suddenly had a new vision of their future with their four new sons and one new daughter.

A 40-member team was on hand for the miracle birth of these little five ones, to make sure that everyone had the best possible chance of recovery.

All the babies and mama progressed well, and now this family of eight has a life that very few people in the world can imagine.

To see more of this amazing story, watch the video, below.


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