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Your Favorite Royal Family Members Have The Best Nicknames For Each Other And They’re Nothing Like What You’d Ever Expect

April 16, 2018

Our fascination with the Royal Family never seems to slow down; From Queen Elizabeth to Princess Charlotte, we just can’t see to get enough of all of the Royal Family details. The more we read about these kings and queens and princes and princesses, its clear to see that they’re just like us!

We recently learned of some very endearing qualities about the royal family and we can’t help but share it! Within all of the relationships- be it, grandchildren or partners- the Royals have the sweetest nicknames for one another. While some of them are quite adorable, some are also very surprising!

Meghan and Prince Harry, who have been dating since 2016 and are set to marry in May 2018, have both unique and common pet names for each other. Prince Harry calls Meghan “Meg” while Meghan affectionately calls Harry “Haz.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also share some sweet nicknames! Kate lovingly calls William “Babe” while the Duke often calls her “Darling” and “Poppet!” How adorable is Poppet?! I’ve never heard that one but I think it’s so adorable!

Queen Elizabeth has been known to have a couple nicknames herself! Growing up, she was affectionately called “Lillibet” but her family. Once she met her husband, Prince Philip, started calling her his own nickname. Believe it or not, Prince Philip has called Her Majesty “Cabbage.” How sweet?!

The Queen also has a nickname from her grandchildren, and its utterly cute. Prince George, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s firstborn, calls her “Gan Gan” for one reason: Prince George can’t say his r’s! Either way, “Gan Gan” is just too cute!

Aren’t these nicknames just so cute!? Do you have any nicknames that you call your loved ones? Better yet, are any of the nicknames that you have for your loved ones the same as the Royal family?! Let us know in the comments on Facebook!


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